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The real national Jeep® is coming! The novelty will arrive to increase the range of vehicles of the brand that created the segment 4 × 4 and the very concept of utility-sport.  The Jeep Renegade offers a unique combination of urban appeal and the best off-road capability in its class. Versatility, freedom, comfort and technology in the right dose. It brings in its package innovations for the category, such as nine-speed automatic gearbox and diesel engine, refined interior and an extensive list of advanced technological items. The result is a current, efficient and enjoyable vehicle to drive. “One of the biggest opportunities for Jeep’s growth is in Brazil,” says Mike Manley, president and CEO of the Jeep brand. “We now have a locally built vehicle that fits perfectly into the Latin American market, with 4 × 4 capacity and unique technology in the segment. The new Jeep Renegade brings together like no other the spirit of adventure and the initiative of the Brazilian people and will attract thousands of new consumers to our brand. ” “The Jeep Renegade does not derive from any touring car. It was born to be a legitimate compact SUV, with the Jeep brand and with innovations not only for its segment, but for the whole national market, “says Sérgio Ferreira, general director of Chrysler Brasil and director of the Jeep brand for Latin America. “For all this we consider Renegade a watershed, a true reinvention of its segment,” he adds.  Designed in the United States, the Jeep Renegade will be the first product to come out in early 2015, the new factory in Goiana, Pernambuco, the most modern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group in the world. It is already produced in Italy and will be made in China in 2016, with sales in more than 100 countries, always with the same constructive quality. The commercial launch in Brazil is scheduled for the second quarter of next year.

A Renegade Jeep For Every Profile

With three trim versions, two engine options, three types of gearboxes, three types of traction and a huge ratio of equipment, the Jeep Renegade will meet all kinds of requirements from those looking for a compact SUV , either for the city, or to face more radical off-road adventures. The Jeep Renegade will have 1.8 E.TorQ flex engine or the unprecedented 2.0 turbo diesel MultiJet II, the strongest in the category. The transmission can be five-speed manual or six- or nine-speed automatic – another exclusivity in the segment. And the traction can be 4 × 2 front or 4 × 4, of two types. The versions will be Sport, Longitude and Trailhawk.

First of the category with gearbox of nine marches and diesel engine

Not enough the six-speed automatic, the Jeep Renegade makes history with the first transmission of nine gears between compact SUVs. This exchange brings many advantages, such as strong plucking, smooth power distribution and efficiency. Modern, quiet and robust, the 2-liter MultiJet II turbocharged diesel engine also delivers the highest power and highest torque in the class, with a respective 170 hp and 35.7 kgfm. Modern, this engine has great durability and is very quiet. The level of emissions is low, as well as the consumption level, which allows an autonomy of 950 km, enough to go from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro and back, with clearance. And, contrary to what one might imagine, this diesel engine will be able to equip the Jeep Renegade from the entry version, Sport.
Technologies previously available only on larger vehicles

The new Jeep Renegade 2015 offers technology and safety solutions previously available only on larger models, making them accessible to customers in the compact SUV category. These include electric parking brakes, spot-blind monitors on the side mirrors, seven air bags and the award-winning Uconnect system – with a 6.5-inch touch screen, plus a 7-inch TFT multifunctional display in the center of the instrument cluster. With the ParkAssist system, Renegade becomes the first national car that parks the car in parallel and perpendicular waves, almost without driver intervention.

Jeep Style for a Fast-Growing Global Brand

From the outset, Jeep designers knew that the Jeep Renegade needed to have the highest off-road capability in its class, with proportions that convey the strong look of the brand, without neglecting the versatility, drivability and style. Finally, the Renegade had yet to offer the open-air freedom that comes from its 1941 roots with the Jeep Willys MB. The result is the new Renegade 2015, a vehicle based on the strong personality of the Jeep Wrangler, but with new solid lines and bold proportions. The styling details also tell a lot about the new Jeep Renegade. This is the case of the taillights, with an element in X that refers to the jerrycans, the metallic gallons of gasoline that were hung in the back of all Jeep MB. Another good example is the profusion of easter-eggs, little surprises scattered throughout the car. Some are quite visible, such as the red track of the spinner that mimics a puddle of mud, but others require more attention, such as the rubber rug on the center console, which displays the topographic map of Moab, Utah, a true Mecca for off-roaders in the USA.

Renegade, a name with a long tradition in the Jeep

Another great tribute to the history of the Jeep is the very name of the future Pernambuco model, with a long tradition in the brand. After all, Renegade was a version of the CJ (Civilian Jeep) between 1970 and 1983, the Wrangler from 1991 to 1993 and the Liberty (here, Cherokee) in 2010. In addition to being the name of a concept exhibited at the 2008 Detroit Motor Show, a bug with hybrid propulsion. A name whose meaning refers to daring, not to follow in the footsteps of the majority, to trace its own way.

Large, modern cabin with solid and dynamic appearance

As easy as getting in and out driving the Jeep Renegade – thanks to the Keyless Enter-N-Go feature with face-key and start button – you’ll feel good in the inviting and spacious cabin. With a high driving position and a high roof, the spacious interior of the Jeep Renegade looks energetic based on the legendary Jeep brand tradition. Precisely manufactured details; innovative colors and materials of great quality, such as leather lining; state-of-the-art technology and smart storage … All this was inspired by the equipment and lifestyle of extreme sports. All together for an excellent level of finish.

Solar roofs that repeat the typical freedom of the Jeep since 1941

Keeping the tradition of the legendary Jeep Willys MB, the Renegade provides open-air freedom with two amazing sunroof systems, both with electric drive. In addition to the Commandview, with double panoramic panel, exclusive in the category, there is My Sky, which is unprecedented in any segment. It has two electric sliding and tilting panels, which can be removed manually. Designed to be comfortable, polyurethane and fiberglass roof panels can be fitted into the base of the trunk.

Excellent asphalt behavior too

Extensive use of advanced steel, composite resins and new computer crash simulations allow the Jeep Renegade platform to offer first-class torsional rigidity and typical Jeep-brand durability. To top it all, Koni’s advanced frequency selector dampers give the best asphalt grip and drivability features. All with great running comfort, extended feeling by the steering with electric assistance.

Best segment off-road capability

The Jeep Renegade offers two advanced 4 × 4 systems to provide the best off-road performance in its class. Both can transmit 100% of the available torque to the ground in just one of the wheels, for an exceptional traction. The 4×4 Jeep Active Drive and Jeep Active Drive Low include the Selec-Terrain feature with up to five modes: Auto, Snow, Sand and Mud, plus the exclusive Rock Stone) in the Trailhawk version. The goal is to improve four-wheel drive, both on the road and outside, in all weather conditions. For those who make the most of the off-road capability of a Jeep, Renegade has the Trailhawk configuration, which bears the “Trail Rated 4 × 4” rating and offers the highest fitness for off-road use in the segment.


– Tyrant Motorworks, based in Huntington Beach, Calif., Introduced a customized version of the Jeep Wrangler.

The pick-up version of the Jeep with six wheels measures 5,461 mm in length, 2,150 mm in width and 2,007 in height.

The Wrangler can be equipped with the V6 Pentastar engine or with the 6.1 liter V8 Hemi producing 450 hp.

The car also has 17-inch wheels equipped with off-road tires.

The price is between $ 65,000 and $ 85,000 depending on the version.


MC Customs has prepared a Jeep Wrangler and the result is at least curious. In the photo gallery below you can see how they dealt with the mythical American off-road. It was painted white with a series of blue details. Of all the upgrades, the most striking is the wheels, signed by Velano Wheels, and painted in white and blue like the rest of the body. To say that it is beautiful, ugly … everything is a matter of taste. For my taste, a bit exaggerated …


– Kahn Design presented its latest project, called the Jeep Wrangler CJ300 by the Chelsea Truck Company (CTC)

On the outside of the Wrangler, Kahn’s specialists used the Sunset Orange color as the main, but contrasted with a Piano Black used in the door handles, fuel tank cap, rear view mirrors and hood locks. The front features two dimmed headlamps combined with the four entries of the Chelsea Truck Company grille, plus the fog lights on the bumper. At the rear, highlight the bright LED flashlights and the CTC’s steppe cover, which rounds out the external modifications. Complementing the Piano Black theme, the Jeep features large 17-inch alloy wheels painted Satin Black. They fit perfectly to the exterior of the vehicle and are equipped with Copper Discoverer ST Maxx 285/70/17 all-terrain tires. Also noteworthy for the new mudguards and the new exhaust system Inside, Kahn extensively used padded and perforated leather, accompanied by contrasting white stitching. The same material was used on the glove compartment lid and armrests while the steering wheel is brand new and now offers greater grip and more sensitivity for the driver. Finishing, stainless steel door sills and new custom rugs.


Starwood Motors presented its latest customization program involving a Jeep Wrangler, which comes with new components and a more sporting and threatening off-road style. The model features a new suspension with high performance shock absorbers, ‘safari’ style metal doors, Black Rhino 18-inch matte black wheels, Nitto Trail Grappler MT tires, Smitty XRC front winch and KC Off Road lighting. The interior is lined in exclusive leather. The engine is a 3.6-liter SMPI V6 block, coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission. There are even disc brakes on all four wheels. Its price in the US is $ 59,885.


Geigercars presented their tuning project for the Jeep Wrangler Sport. Through a remapping of the ECU, a custom intercooler, new manifolds and an increase in supercharger pressure, the 3.6-liter V6 engine now delivers 356 hp and 417 Nm of torque, an increase of 80 hp and 70 Nm in relation to the engine original. The car also features a new stainless steel exhaust system that reduces back pressure while improving engine sound. The alloy wheels are 18 inches and are fitted with Mickey Thompson tires as much as 305/70 while the suspension has been lifted in 2.5 inches. The Jeep also features Bilstein shock absorbers, new front and rear bumpers and front height protection of the radiator.

If you are like me, a businessman, you will understand the importance of a good presentable car. You may not be having the meetings in your car, but nonetheless, people see you driving the car and it creates an impression, and, as they say, ‘there’s never a second chance to make a first impression.’ So either you, or your chauffeur, will spend every couple of days cleaning down your car from the various bird’s stains, and layers of dust that have accumulated. This is an endless effort and waste of money on the countless cleaning materials you need to create a once again gleaming car. Much cheaper, and more convenient to get a car cover. These are relatively inexpensive and do the job just as well, if not better. Instead of cleaning away the damage, they prevent it from occurring in the first place. They are also marvelous since they are so compact, they can be taken around with you everywhere, making sure you’re always covered. They fold up nice and neatly and fit in a corner of the trunk. A car cover will stop rain, sleet, snow, sun, etc, from wrecking your car. You can get the waterproof cover that will not allow any moisture in. They are made from breathable materials so that air and moisture can leave, This way your car will not get steamed up and moldy whilst covered. The car will be protected from ugly watermarks from the rain, as well as from getting rusty. A cover will stop the car from freezing over on the snow, and the brakes will be able to stay intact and work to their full extent. Ultra-violet resistant covers stop the sun’s harmful rays from bleaching the exterior and fading the paintwork of the car. The car will also not get overheated and stuffy, making it impossible to drive. The internal specs of the car, which are so easily ruined in the heat, are also protected.

When the car is covered, it gets shielded and cushioned from scrapes and bumps that can occur. As the wind blows, very often things from the street are dragged along. As they fly in the wind they end up scratching and denting the exterior, making it look unsightly. You can get a custom cover which will make sure that your car remains upper-class, even whilst covered. A custom will be tailor-made for you and your car and will fit like a glove. The cover will be snug against the car, not ugly and baggy like universal covers. You will get a choice of colors for the cover, land even gets to personalize it with a logo on the bonnet. A custom provides the highest level of protection because there’s no space for anything to slip in under the cover. The covers come with elastic at the front and rear to ensure that will be easier for you to put on and take off, without too much time and effort involved. With a car cover, you will always be able to arrive at the business meeting with the air and class befitting a ma like you. You won’t have to spend hours to achieve this either!

Everyone rants and raves about nature and how amazing it is. This is undeniable; nature is truly wondrous. However, cars and their owners are probably not the biggest fans of nature. The thing is that cars and nature just don’t go together. Practically none of nature’s weather schemes are good for the car. Not the sun, rain, wind, snow, and probably everything in between. The sun causes the car to overheat. An overheated car is unbearably stuffy to drive, and also the internal workings of the car get ruined when the car is overheated. In addition, the UV rays from the sun bleach the car’s exterior and make it look old and worn out well before it’s time. The high levels of acid in today’s rain means that the paintwork disintegrates in the rain. The car’s exterior is left with horrible watermarks and chipped paint. It’s not a very pleasant sight to behold. Wind is no better. As the wind flies around the place, it whips up with it all sorts of ‘goodies’. Sticks, stones and other bits of rubble get caught up in the storm and as they fly past the scratch and dent cars. These small little nicks and dings everywhere are unsightly, and cost a pretty penny to fix up.

Other natural annoyances like tree sap, bird droppings and the like, all manage to park themselves on cars. These stains leave long-lasting marks on the car that are still visible long after the car has been cleaned. People who are fortunate enough to own a Chevy Camaro will be on this list of car owners who dislike mother nature. A Camaro is not to be sneezed at, and their owners like to take good care of them. They don’t need all their hard work, and well-earned money going down the drain, whilst watching their beloved Camaro wither away before their eyes.

That’s why most Camaro owners, will also own a Camaro car cover. These car covers will protect the Camaro from getting ruined whilst parked. There are various different types of Camaro covers, one for every car and budget. The Chevrolet Camaro cover is available in a standard size or custom. Custom car covers are generally more expensive, but then they also offer better protection. Moreover, car owners get to decide on all the specifications of the custom Camaro cover. Aside from the sizing, there are different materials, and therefore types, of covers. They all possess different qualities so that there is a car cover for every vehicle, climate, and environment. For example, the Evolution 4 Camaro cover is amazing for a Camaro kept outdoors, especially in rainy weather. However, it is not necessarily the ideal Camaro cover for one kept indoors, and so, therefore, it may be a waste of money. Either way, a car cover is a worthwhile investment, and it has found itself extremely useful and keeps their prize possession in the best condition possible. I have come across articles and blogs and forums where people are a bit puzzled by the types of car covers that are available these days. They are generally broken down into three major categories: Custom Fit, Semi-Custom Fit, and Universal Fit. While I am certainly no expert, I believe I can offer some simple definitions that might help make your shopping choice easier.

Custom Fit Covers – These are the top of the line covers as they are custom made to fit your vehicle. They follow the contour of the body of your specific make and model vehicle. Their patterns are designed so the car cover will surround the painted area of your car to the midpoint of the tires. Because custom fit car covers are made for a specific car, they won’t flutter around in the wind as much as the other styles. The majority of custom fit covers have mirror pockets, which help you to center the cover on your vehicle easier. Because of certain body shapes, not all vehicle covers will have mirror pockets, but most do. When you order these, you specify its year, make, & model, which then defines what the cover will look like. As with all types of covers here, you also choose material type and color. Just about all car covers have elastic hems at the bottom edge of the front and back ends. They also will have some type of reinforced plastic tie-down grommets built right into the cover. Semi-Custom Fit Covers – These covers are referred to as ready fit or semi-custom fit, depending on the manufacturer. These covers are not made for specific vehicles but instead, come in staggered size lengths to make sure you get a car cover that fits the SIZE vehicle you have. There are several size ranges, which will get you a cover that fits your car and lots of other cars the same shape and length. So if you trade in your Chevy for a Honda the same size, these covers will fit. Custom fit covers do not have the mirror pockets, but their shape provides enough space for most mirrors.

Universal Covers – These are the least expensive vehicle covers – more along the line of a one-size-fits-all cover. The range of size options is more limited, generally 3 = Small, Medium, and Large. Because the range is more limited, these will fit a lot of different car sizes in a particular group. Probably different models of the same car maker. These do come in different materials, as well, so you can get a better cover, but in general, these will be lesser quality material and will be a sloppier fit than the custom fit versions. If you’re out to just cover the vehicle, these will be the least expensive option. There are no mirror pockets with the universal covers either. I hope this helps you understand what you’re up against a little better. There are a number of excellent and well-regarded manufacturers of car covers, and they all offer all three styles, so get out and do some studying and some shopping! And get your car covered before it and this winter thing really gets messy!!!

Uv rays are harmful to everyone, including cars. The sun’s rays breach the exterior finish of the vehicle, and the paintwork becomes faded away. The looks old way before it’s time. In addition when the vehicle is left standing in the sun for long periods of time, then it starts to get stuffy and overheated. This is more than just unbearable to drive. The internal specs of the paint to get ruined in the heat. So all in all, when a paint is left out in the sun, all that remains is an unhappy car and driver. This is where the Sun Umbrella auto covers from Cover craft come in. Cover craft is a world famous company that manufactures superb coverings. The company is known to have a wide choice so that everyone, no matter what car, what weather or climate, has auto car covers to suit their particular needs. This is accentuated by the fact that they offer custom auto covers. Car owners can personalize their cover to their exact specifications.

The Sun Umbrella is perfect for anyone who lives in a mostly hot climate with the occasional rainfall. The acrylic fibers used in the manufacturing of Sun Umbrella is naturally UV rays resistant. This is the best offer of protection for the car. When auto car covers are naturally resistant and don’t need any treatment to reach this level of resistance, they are much more durable. The treatment will not fade with time and therefore the auto car covers will be long-lasting. The acrylic material of Sun Umbrella car covers is also resistant to the growth of mildew and or rot. Bird droppings, tree sap and the like, will be unable to penetrate through the auto car covers, and the car will remain stain free. It also prevents any dust from finding its way onto the car, ensuring that the car remains totally clean and spotless.

In the event of the occasional rainfall, the Umbrella is also water resistant and made of scratch-free material. This is albeit at a much lower level but is sufficient enough for the odd shower or two. However, it will prove to be inadequate for a downpour. Cover craft offers the Sun Umbrella auto covers in five handsome colors; Pacific Blue, Sky Blue, Cadet Grey, Jet Black or Toast. This means that even when the car is covered, it remains good looking and classy, just like the car hidden beneath it. Did you know seat covers are also made from this material?

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